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    Leading provider of high quality software and services for the fenestration industry in Oceania.


    PrefSuite is a complete solution for your company. Where other applications are almost exclusively focused on production, PrefSuite integrates quotations and orders with the entire ERP process. To achieve this, PrefSuite offers multiple solutions for a company with a variety of points of sale such as distributors, dealers, and in-house mobile agents.


    PrefSuite meets the needs of companies regardless of size (ranging from under a hundred to thousands of employees).


    PrefSuite manages a wide product range (windows, doors, curtain walls, shutters…) and a complete raw material selection (aluminum, PVC, fiberglass, steel, wood . . .). Its flexibility allows integrating a diversity of features under the same solution.

  • What We Do

    PrefSuite is an advanced product configurator with a fully integrated industry-specific ERP serving all segments of the fenestration industry (both commercial and residential), including:


    - Windows and doors

    - Curtain walls and window walls

    - Storefronts


    The system is scalable and is deployed in manufacturers of all sizes. PrefSuite offers clients web-based order entry and standalone dealer systems to complement the manufacturing system, thereby providing a total enterprise integrated environment.


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  • Who We Are

    PrefSuite Oceania offers software solutions for the fenestration industry for Australia, New Zealand and surrounding neighbors.


    PrefSuite Oceania is the subsidiary of WADISS Pty Ltd.


    We provide software solutions servicing the fenestration industry for both commercial and residential.


    Our clients are residential and commercial fenestration manufacturers, glaziers and fabricators of windows, doors, storefront and curtain walls.


    We offer you a complete software solution package for your company.


  • PrefSuite Software Modules

    We let the results speak for themselves.


    The PrefWise module is used to enter engineering data. This core data provides our knowledge-based system with the ability to accurately depict fenestration products.


    A rules-based system that is user-friendly with graphical user interfaces, PrefWise allows for all of PrefSuite’s other modules to function in a completely integrated fashion, including the back-end ERP modules that control your business. This integration reduces re-keying of information or maintenance of multiple systems, leading to a reduction in overall costs and an increase in workplace productivity.


    PrefWise allows the system to generate materials automatically depending on the model geometry and composition, and can import data contained in dxf files or excel tables in order to streamline the database building process.

    PrefCad (Computer Aided Design)

    PrefCAD is a proprietary computer aided design engine that is used for the design and modeling of fenestration products.


    Even though the module is user-friendly and does not require the user to be intimately familiar with a CAD system, PrefCAD models are designed with high precision. This allows on-the-fly three dimensional rendering for the valuation (quote) and production (order) of the building envelope design, complete with accurate cost calculations in real time.

    PrefCAD allows the user to define a gallery of generic fenestration models or utilize a build-on-the-fly process for dynamic complex mulled configurations to be created and validated.


    All configurations can be tailored with size, color and option selections during order entry, with each order-entry user, or groups of users, to follow a different workflow depending on the differing skill and industry expertise.


    PrefGest is the business co-ordinating component of PrefSuite, and contains all aspects of an advanced ERP system, including:


    • Quotation and order entry

    • Management tools

    • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

    • Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

    • Capacity and labour planning

    • Production scheduling

    • Production status updates and work center feedback

    • Inventory

    • Purchasing

    • Receiving

    • Shipping

    • Invoicing


    From quotation through to invoicing, at each step along the way, PrefGest optimizes the coordination and management of your company’s departments and divisions.


    Customer service level improvement is a major benefit, due to PrefGest’s unique visibility afforded through scheduling production based on delivery commitments and coordination of production, materials management, purchasing and shipping.


    PrefGest is designed to be installed locally at the plant, however, there is also a dealer version available with all above modules except the production systems. The dealer system can be operated while it is connected to the internet as well as when it is offline. When it is online, order submission, confirmation, production statistics, projected shipping dates and engineering changes are automatically uploaded to the dealer using our proprietary PrefSuite Data Exchange (PDE) technology. Software updates, product catalogues, and pricing are also automatically updated using PDE.


    Whether using PrefWeb or the PrefGest dealer version, the technology ensures that the dealer and the manufacturer are using compatible software and the latest product and pricing information in order to exchange business-critical information.

    PrefCam (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

    PrefCAM is an extension of the engineering modules PrefWise and PrefCAD, to append information to the models with respect to their machining operations. This enables automatic transfer to production facility machinery, including Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines.


    As this module includes an accurate 3D representation of the model of the product to be manufactured, PrefCAM is not limited to the connection of machining centers.


    This information can be transmitted to multiple machines required for the fenestration industry, including welders, glass tables, saws and custom robotics,  including Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines. Examples of machine types that we have experience integrating to are:


    -   Elumatec

    -   Emmegi

    -   Haffner

    -   Kuka

    -   Haas

    -   Lemuth

    -   Rapid Maschinenbau

    -   Rotox

    -   Schirmer

    -   Haco

    -   Stürtz.


    We also work closely with a specialized CNC machining instruction software called camQuix.

    This program sits between the LogiKal and PrefSuite products and the CNC equipment for automated aluminum profile milling. camQuix will read PrefSuite or LogiKal’s model data and machining requirements to automatically generate the machine code for any machine type.


    This allows the user to connect easily to different machines when a facility has multiple machine types, simply by selecting the machine type from a drop down selection. Furthermore, by dynamically selecting / redirecting to another machine type, production will not be disrupted in the event of a hardware failure. It also allows for outsourcing some fabrication if a CNC work center is overloaded.


    PrefWeb permits users / dealers to create orders over the internet using only a standard browser. As a web-based system, deployment can be internal (through various branches or offices located throughout North America), or external (reaching to dealer networks and even end-users).


    As long as the user has internet access, PrefWeb allows orders to receive full CAD validation and resolution.


    Real-time order statuses provide full visibility for administrators and managers, showing order acceptance and creation. Additionally, projected plant floor release and delivery dates are automatically made available to users that log in to see progress updates on their order.


    PrefWeb is now enabled with the next generation product configuration, PrefOne, with enhanced graphics capabilities for full 3D rendering.



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